ReelFlies™ Fishing Flies Launch New USA Site!

ReelFlies™ Fishing Flies Launch New USA Site!

On May 23rd 2018 ReelFlies™ Fishing Flies went live with our dedicated USA and International website. Our new, state of the art website is nothing short of a game-changer in the fishing fly industry. It uses the very latest technology, is desktop, tablet and mobile friendly. Super-fast and 100% secure. Choose from over 2,200 fly patterns, buy in a single click, or select your fly size from any page. At most a two click to buy fly selection process allowing you to fill up your depleted fly boxes in seconds. Search by fly type, fly color, price and more.

For the past 24 months, our team of in-house web developers and graphic designers, headed by our webmaster Shaun Bathgate have been working relentlessly to pull off the impossible. Our customers have asked for years to be able to purchase their flies from the thumbnail catalogue pages and choose their fly sizes without having to load the bandwidth hefty detailed image/info pages. Until now due to a number of technical hurdles this was thought to be impossible. You also have the option to sort flies by type, color and size using the FILTERS link on most pages. So if you are looking for size 8 leeches in black you can show all that we have available in a couple of clicks. For the first time ever at ReelFlies™ you can now choose the hook size and quantity to order your flies from any product page. This will speed up your order placement time by almost 80% allowing you to have many more hours on the water. 

Low-cost shipping rates on all products are available throughout the USA, even fly boxes ship free on any order over $60 US. Over 500 new 2018 fly patterns are about to go live so keep your finger on the pulse of fly fishing by bookmarking today.

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